Gel extraction kits, E.Z.N.A.®

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Gel extraction kits, E.Z.N.A.®
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Gel purification of DNA is a common technique used for the isolation of specific DNA fragments. However, most methods either fail to completely remove agarose (which can lead to problems in downstream manipulations), shear the DNA, or result in very low yields.

  • DNA recovery from agarose gel in under 15 minutes
  • Optimised buffers guarantee pure DNA
  • No organic extractions necessary
  • Purified DNA produced that is suitable for any downstream application

The E.Z.N.A.® Gel Extraction kit uses HiBind® DNA spin-column technology to recover DNA bands 70 bp to 20 kb in length from all grades of agarose gel with yields up to 85%. The E.Z.N.A.® MicroElute Gel Extraction kit is designed for purification of DNA fragments from agarose gels with a small elution volume of 10 to 15 µl.

Q-spin columns are capless to allow for fast processing of multiple samples. These columns offer high yields and can be used in centrifugation protocols. V-spin columns feature an attached cap and a standard luer outlet at the bottom for easy, leak-free connection to a vacuum manifold or luer hub needle. These columns can be used for both centrifugation and vacuum protocols.
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