Microplate washers, Biochrom Asys Atlantis

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Microplate washers, Biochrom Asys Atlantis
Microplate Washers
  • Easy to use and setup: Pre-programmed wash cycles and plate formats, flexible software, colour coded tube fittings and no special bottles required
  • Diaphragm pumps are used (rather than vacuum pumps): Quiet operation
  • Auto rinse function prevents liquid path clogging; plus 3 different rinse/prime methods
  • Safety features include: Emergency stop function, manifold cover for reduced aerosols, low liquid level warning and optional liquid level sensors
  • Detachable plate carrier for easy cleaning

Programming options include: Up to 8 cycles per procedure and 20 different wash cycles (bottom and overflow washing, adjustable dispense volume and speed, adjustable aspiration speed and time, adjustable soak time and 3 shaking modes). Up to 50 wash programmes can be created by sequencing previously defined wash cycles

Ordering information: Options include liquid level sensors, 12-way manifold, 16-way manifold (for 384-well plates) and washer maintenance kit, please contact VWR for details.

Delivery information: All units are supplied with aerosol cover, cleaning tools for manifold needles, spare fuses, power cable and user manual.
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