Microplate readers, Vis absorbance, Biochrom EZ Read 400 ELISA and Research

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Microplate readers, Vis absorbance, Biochrom EZ Read 400 ELISA and Research
Microplate Readers
The Biochrom EZ Read 400 ELISA is a PC-controlled, single channel filter-based absorbance reader. Supplied with four filters for the most common ELISA substrates. It is robust and quick to set up, making it suitable for multi-level users. Calibration is performed prior to each reading ensuring accurate readings and results are exported to analysis software.

  • Simple to use microplate photometer for 96-well plates
  • Single or dual wavelength measurement
  • Timed interval reading: Ideal for kinetic assays
  • Endpoint measurements

The Biochrom EZ Read 400 Research is supplied with filter sets for ELISA, protein assays and cell biology assays.

The readers come with Galapagos PC software for instrument control and data analysis. Featuring ‘click and drag’ functionality, Galapagos software enables configuration of plate layouts, multiple assays per plate and multiple plates per analysis.

*ELISA filter set: 405 nm (PNPP, ABTS); 492 nm (OPD); 450 nm (Slow,Turbo and Ultra TMB); 650 nm (Ref wavelength)
**Protein assay filter set: 595 nm (Bradford); 562 nm (BCA); 650 nm (Lowry)
***Cell biology assay filter set: 570 nm (MTT); 492 nm (XTT); 620 nm (Turbidity cell counting)

Ordering information: A third option is available from VWR - the Biochrom EZ Read Flexi which allows the user to configure the system by including the ELISA filter set and choice of 4 additional filters in the range 400 to 750 nm. For full details of additional filters, options and accessories including QC plate for instrument validation, Galapagos EZ Read PC Software and spare lamps, please contact VWR.

Delivery information: Supplied with Galapagos EZ Read PC Software (compatible with Windows® 7 and 8, and XP onwards), wavelength filters (as specified below), manual, power cord and USB cable. Additional filters are available from 400 to 750 nm, please contact VWR for details.
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