Portable photometers, MultiDirect

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LOVI210000EA 1330 GBP
Portable photometers, MultiDirect
Colorimeters Multiparameter Colorimeters
The MultiDirect is a microprocessor controlled photometer with ergonomically designed keypad and large format graphic display. It is equipped with preprogrammed methods based on Lovibond® tablet, liquid and powder reagents.

  • High accuracy from dual beam technology
  • Instrument and sample chamber is waterproof
  • Long term stable LED light sources
  • Update of new methods and languages via the internet

Delivery information: Supplied with rechargeable batteries, mains charger, PC connection cable, carrying case, 3× round vials 24 mm, 3× round vials 16 mm, 16 mm vial adapter, 3×syringes and 100 ml beaker.
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