Comparator kits, Lovibond® System 3000

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TINT345000EA 2800 GBP
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Comparator kits, Lovibond® System 3000
Colorimeters Comparator Kits
The Lovibond® System 3000 are a series of single-scale, 3-field instruments for visually determining the colour of samples by direct comparison with coloured glass filters. With a 3-section field of view, the sample and two consecutive glasses on the colour scale are viewed simultaneously, making it easier to achieve the optimum colour match. For rapid colour grading within pre-determined colour limits, the glasses can be set to the two limiting colours, making it easy to see if the sample is within tolerance.

  • Simple to use, rapid visual colour comparator
  • Stable-coloured standard glass filters in test discs, which have been pre-calibrated to give direct readings over set measuring ranges
  • Tungsten halogen light source is colour corrected to CIE standard illuminant C
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