Phase Lock Gel™

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Phase Lock Gel™
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Phase Lock Gel™ (PLG) eliminates interphase-protein contamination during phenol extraction and ensures faster results with improved recoveries. PLG migrates to form a tight seal between the phases of an aqueous/organic extraction during centrifugation. Organic phase and interphase materials are effectively trapped in or below the barrier, thus enabling complete and easy decanting or pipetting of an entire aqueous phase. The benefits are increased yields of up to 30%, increased protection from exposure to hazardous compounds, and no risk of interphase sample contamination. For convenience, PLG is provided pre-dispensed into standard centrifuge tubes of various sizes. PLG is available in two different density formulations – Heavy and Light – and can be used in virtually any protocol that calls for extraction with phenol and/or chloroform, simply by selecting the formulation suitable for organic and aqueous phases.

  • Yield of nucleic acids increased by up to 30% compared to conventional organic extraction
  • Eliminates interphase contamination of nucleic acid solution
  • Stable gel barrier allows easy sample decanting
  • Reduced contact with hazardous organic solvents

PLG Heavy
Aqueous phase: High density sample (for example, high salt content)
Organic phase: Standard mixtures of phenol, chloroform, isoamyl alcohol with a chloroform fraction of at least 60% (phenol as the sole organic solvent is not compatible with PLG Heavy)

PLG Light
Aqueous phase: Low density sample
Organic phase: Standard mixtures of phenol, chloroform and isoamyl alcohol
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