VWR® Preservation System, Cryoinstant

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VWR® Preservation System, Cryoinstant
Microbiology Test Systems Microorganism Tests
Microbiological laboratories need a simple procedure to maintain important microorganisms rather than repetitive sub-culturing, which results in contaminated cultures, loss of viability and, even more importantly, loss of original characteristics by introducing biochemical and genetic changes. Cryoinstant consists of 25 porous beads in a vial filled with a broth containing glycerol. Microorganisms will bind to the porous surface of the beads. The excess broth is aspirated, and the vials stored at temperatures down to –70 °C in a freezer.

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Colour coded
  • Storage down to –70 °C
  • Quality controlled for fertility and sterility

Packaging: Cryoinstant is packed in packs of 50 vials of 2 ml.
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