VWR® Surface Sampling Sponge Kits

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VWR® Surface Sampling Sponge Kits
Swabs Swabs for Sampling
Surface sampling sponges in two forms: Dry sponge sterile sampling bag with write-on strip, containing a dry, biocide-free cellulose sponge, or wet sponge sterile sampling bag, with a foil-sealed, pre-moistened cellulose sponge, and 10 ml of sterile neutralising buffer.

  • Sterilised using gamma irradiation and leakproof transport bags, for the rapid cooling of samples in refrigerators
  • Puncture-proof safety bags eliminating sharp points that can cause puncture and/or abrasions
  • Larger surface in comparison with normal sampling swabs

This surface sampling sponge kit is designed to collect and transport samples, to detect the presence of microbiological contaminations such as Listeria, Salmonella, E. coli, and other food-borne pathogens on almost any surface. These kits are widely used in the food, medical, public health and cosmetic industries.

Certifications: HACCP, USDA, ACIA and CFIA requirements.

Caution: Gloves should be worn during all sampling procedures.
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