Pump tubing, Viton®

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ISMC97628-38EA 225 GBP
ISMC97628-38 224-2125 ISMCSC0558 ISMC97629-22 ISMC97628-32 ISMC97628-24 ISMCSC0551 ISMC97629-40 ISMCSC0136 ISMC97628-42 ISMC97628-18 ISMC97632-24 ISMCSC0139 ISMC97632-40 ISMC97632-38 ISMC97629-36 ISMC97632-32 ISMCSC0255A ISMC97629-46 ISMCSC0135A ISMC97629-30 ISMC97632-28 ISMC97632-26 ISMC97628-46 ISMC97629-26 ISMC06519-08 ISMC97628-36 ISMC97628-44 224-2123 224-2127 ISMCSC0563 ISMC97632-34 ISMCSC0550 ISMC97629-32 224-2124 ISMC97632-42 ISMCSC0146 224-2126 ISMCSC0133 ISMC97628-40 224-2120 ISMC97629-38 ISMC97632-30 ISMC97629-28 ISMC97629-24 ISMC97629-34 ISMCSC0564 ISMC97629-42 ISMC97628-30
Pump tubing, Viton®
Tubing Peristaltic Pump Tubing
Fluoroelastomer, black

  • High chemical resistance
  • Low gas permeability
  • Wide temperature range

The special tubing for concentrated acids and corrosive solvents.

Temperature range: -51 to +204 °C

Hardness (Shore durometer A): 60

Density: 1,90
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