Refrigerated circulating baths with MX temperature controller

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462-0223EA 2810 GBP
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Refrigerated circulating baths with MX temperature controller
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Stainless steel baths with user friendly MX temperature controller plus three control buttons and on-screen prompts. Baths can be used for external closed loop circulation. The controller rests on a chemically resistant DuraTop™ deck, which is cool to the touch, even when working at high temperatures, and units feature LidDock™ lid stowing system. Cool Command™ technology regulates the amount of cooling required, saving energy while providing rapid cooling and precise control at elevated temperatures.

  • Large EasyView™ LCD display with alarm or fault icons plus English prompts and menus
  • User-adjustable high and low temperature limits and low liquid level alarms
  • Single speed pressure pump with external closed loop circulation capability
  • Integral pump and heater coil protection
  • Single point calibration

Maximum pump capacities:
11,9 l/min, 120 mbar

Certifications: Complies with DIN 12876-1, Safety Class I

Delivery information: Supplied with a reservoir cover, bypass tubing, male inlet and outlet adapters for 47, 63 and 95 mm tubing, ¼” to M16 adapters are also included.

Caution: Cooling capacity at 20 °C
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