Tip boxes, Multibox® plus / Multibox® ultra

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Tip boxes, Multibox® plus / Multibox® ultra
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Reusable pipette tip boxes for the ratiolab® MultiTray® refill systems.

  • System simplifies the handling of pipette tips and provides more safety
  • Space and cost saving
  • Reduces the amount of waste
  • Boxes can be autoclaved several times at 121 °C, 20 min

Multibox® plus: Made from PC, with dust-proof hinged and sliding lid, completely removable.
Multibox® ultra: Made from PP, with hinged lid.

MultiTray®, the dust-proof refill packs made of plastics for ratiolab® pipette tips, hold the tips in plastic matrices. Up to five plastic matrices filled with tips are stacked on top of each other in the space saving MultiTray®. For tips up to 300 µl the matrices contain 96 pipet tips are in the 8×12 standard format. All 100 to 1000 µl tips are in a 6×10 format on the matrices. The matrices can simply be removed from the Multibox® with the two finger tabs.

The MultiTray® matrices fit securely into the Multibox® plus and -ultra with a soft click. The framework of the Multibox® plus and -ultra provides full support for the MultiTray® matrices – resulting in convenient and safe tip pick-up, even with 8- and 12-channel pipetors. For tip removal the dustproof, hinged cover of the Multibox® plus and -ultra may be opened completely or partially by using the additional sliding mechanism. For cleaning the cover can be removed.
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