Cleanroom overalls, Kimtech™ A5

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Kimtech™ A5
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Cleanroom overalls, Kimtech™ A5
Disposable Garments
Kimtech™ A5 sterile cleanroom apparel with CLEAN-DON™ technology is made of SMS (Spunbond Melt-blown Spunbond) material. It features built-in snaps that gather up legs and arms to aid aseptic gowning. Garments have a thumb loop that prevents the sleeve from rolling back and exposing arm or wrist when in use.

  • Cloth-like comfort
  • Innovative inside-out fold pattern - reduces the risk of touching and contaminating the outside of the apparel when opening or donning
  • Highly visible blue line along the inside of the garment signals the proper place to grasp while gowning
  • Vacuum packaging reduces space, so more products fit into gowning area storage

Suitable for use in Class 100, ISO 5, 3.5 environments.

Colour: White

Certifications: PPE Cat III (EU) 2016/425, Type 5/6

Packaging: Vacuum packed and double-bagged for added sterility assurance.
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