Eukitt® mounting medium

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03989-100MLEA 39.2 GBP
03989-100ML 03989-500ML
Eukitt® mounting medium
Stains Microscopy and staining reagents
This is a mounting medium (contains 45% acrylic resin and 55% xylenes) used in microscopy. It is an adhesive and specimen preservative that can be used manually and in automated coverslipping equipment. Special purpose adhesive and sealant for use with glass, non plastic and other non-reactive materials.

  • Fast-drying (20 minutes)
  • Refractive index close to glass (1.510)
  • Chemically neutral, little sensitivity to water, no reaction to staining
  • Temperature limits: –17 to 42 °C
  • Not affected by ultraviolet light, non yellowing, stays optically clear for over 10 years
  • Spreads quickly and evenly without forming any air bubbles

Can be used in place of epoxy resins for mounting petrographic thin sections, used in fluorescence dyes in bones.
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