Baths, digital, Clifton Duobaths

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Clifton Duobaths
462-0075EA 2360 GBP
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Baths, digital, Clifton Duobaths
Baths Water Baths, Unstirred
Two independently controlled unstirred baths are combined in one space saving unit. A painted durable steel outer case houses two corrosion resistant stainless steel tanks, each containing a perforated tray. This digital range is ideal where two different temperatures and immersion depths are routinely required, and for incubation routines requiring minimal heat loss. The heaters are mounted on the underside of each tank giving a totally clear reservoir.

  • The dual bath eliminates problems associated with water level/disturbance when placing and removing containers
  • Minimal cross transfer of heat between chambers
  • PID controller with LED display of actual temperature with 0,1 °C resolution. Built-in timer and auto setting alarms for protection on digital units
  • Control options either temperature control only or temperature and time, settings retained in memory
  • Anti-bacterial paint finish that actively inhibits bacterial growth

Ordering information: Supplied with three stainless steel perforated trays, two conventional height, and one taller for bijou bottles, but without racks or lid. Lids are recommended when working above 60 °C. Please order required accessories separately.

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