Water baths, WNB and WNE series

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Water baths, WNB and WNE series
Baths Water Baths, Unstirred
Water baths with a corrosion resistant stainless steel tank and outer case. WNB models have a single PT100 sensor and WNE units have two; all units have a feature that allows boiling. The heating elements are in the sides and on the bottom of the tank giving better temperature uniformity.

Basic controller:
Microprocessor PID temperature controller with an integrated self-diagnostic system with fault indicator and digital LED display with 0,1 °C resolution.
Programmable digital timer, 1 min to 99 h 59 min with three functions; on, wait and hold
Dual over-temperature protection, mechanical and electronic systems

Excellent controller:
PID microprocessor controller with an integrated self-diagnostic system and digital LED display for all set parameters and alarm values, with 0,1 °C resolution (for temperatures below 99,9 °C).
Programmable digital timer, 1 min to 999 h with four functions; on, delayed on, hold, hold set temperature dependent with defined holding time
Acoustic and visual alarm for low liquid level; heating is automatically switched off at the end of the program
Safety features are the same as Basic controller and in addition, an independent adjustable over-temperature controller, TWW protection Class 3,1 or adjustable temperature limiter, Class 2 which can be set by user

Ordering information: All models are supplied without racks, ring sets or lid. Lids are recommended when working above 60 °C, lids should be ordered at the same time as the bath. Please order required accessories separately, see www.vwr.com for further details of accessories available.

Caution: * RT= Ambient.
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