Water jet pump

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181-9100EA 42 GBP
Water jet pump
Pumps Vacuum Water Jet Pumps
Water jet pump, made from grey PP for generating a vacuum and evacuating Liquids and vapours (a catchpot or cooling trap may have to be fitted upstream).

  • Extremely low water consumption (190 L/h at 3,5 bar flow pressure)
  • Constant final pressure (16 mbar at 12 °C water temperature)
  • Good suction capacity; ~400 L air per hour (against atmospheric pressure, 12 °C water temperature, 3,5 bar flow pressure)
  • Good chemical resistance - transported media only comes into contact with parts made from PP, FKM and PTFE
  • Max. temperature in continuous operation: 80 °C

Delivery information: Includes the water jet pump, an R 3/4" cap nut, an R 1/2" reducing adapter, a hose nozzle (10 to 12 mm external diameter) for the water connector and a hose connector with 6 to 9 mm external diameter that can be unscrewed for the vacuum connection.
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