Homogeniser, lab blender Smasher®

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432-1850EA 4130 GBP
Homogeniser, lab blender Smasher®
Homogenisers Laboratory Paddle Blenders
The Smasher® is a food sample peristaltic blender for sample volumes of 80 to 400 ml which has a leak-free and corrosion-resistant blending chamber with stainless steel paddles and an integrated waste drawer. The chamber and housing are made of injection moulded ABS, so it can be easily cleaned and disinfected. Digital control, a LCD screen with bar graph display and an ambidextrous handle make smasher® easy to use.

  • Low noise levels, at least 10 dBA less than other conventional blenders
  • Smash effect avoids jams, so operator does not need to reposition the bag in case of a jam
  • Door opens to allow optimum access and blender can be tilted at 45° angle to enable easier cleaning
  • Three operating speeds can be selected: Slow, normal or fast
  • Adjustable timer can be set from 10 s up to 3 min or for continuous operation
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