Rotary evaporators, RV 10 digital

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Rotary evaporators, RV 10 digital
Evaporators Rotary Evaporators
Rotary evaporators with integrated heating bath, safe and simple operation via ergonomic controls situated at the front.

  • All models have motorised lift with safety stop function
  • Digital speed and digital bath temperature display
  • Infrared interface transfers data from heating bath to the drive unit
  • Digital heating bath with microprocessor controller can be used with oil or water, features integrated carrying handles for increased safety
  • RS232 interface for remote PC operation using labworldsoft® software (optional), to allow for operation in automatic mode

A motorised lift with 140 mm stroke with 'safety stop' function - if the power cuts out the evaporator flask is automatically lifted out of the heating bath. Units can be programmed to reverse the evaporation flask's direction of rotation at intervals to assist the drying process. Temperature control of the heating bath is via a microprocessor controller.

Delivery information: Supplied with water/oil bath, 1 L evaporation flasks (NS 29/32), 1 L receiving flasks (KS35/20) and condensing glassware set (except Flex Package which is supplied without glassware).
Please note: A vacuum source, vacuum-check valve and cooling system are required but not supplied. Please contact your local Avantor sales office for advice and details.

Caution: * With transparent plastic coating
** Delivered only with bath, vapour tube, clamps for glassware and Woulf bottle. This package enables the customer to select the glassware set-up for their specific application.
See 'Glassware and accessories for rotary evaporators RV 10 / RV 8' for details of glassware available for the Flex Package.
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