Recirculating coolers, FL series

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461-3475EA 14670 GBP
461-3475 461-3484 461-0638 461-3479 461-3467 461-3477 461-3472 461-3470 461-3474 461-3483 461-3471 461-3466 461-3478 461-3481 461-3482 461-0639 461-3480 461-3469 461-3468 461-3476 461-3465 461-3473
Recirculating coolers, FL series
Circulating Thermostats Closed Circulator Systems Cooling Circulators
Compact, ergonomically designed chillers which have integrated stainless steel tanks with large volumes. Models can be either air or water cooled. Applications include use with rotary evaporators, autoclaves, reaction vessels and for routine laboratory cooling. All units have an LED temperature display for actual/set point integrated into a splash-proof keypad and recessed grips for easy relocation integrated in the housing. A hinged tray serves as a compartment for the operating manual and other documents. The removable venting grid allows for easy cleaning of the condenser. Venting slots are located on the front and back, allowing units to be placed directly next to each other. Models FL2503 to FLW11006 have an early warning function with sensor monitoring to signal if the condenser is dirty, and online diagnostics with 'BlackBox' function.

  • Temperature range of −20 to +40 °C, and PID controller enables a temperature stability of ±0,5 °C
  • Units are filled from the top, have a protective hinged lid and include an easily visible level indicator
  • Models with pump pressure >1 bar display pump pressure on a gauge and have pump pressure bypass to adjust the pump capacity
  • Visual and audible alarms for low liquid level
  • RS232 interface and analogue alarm output are located on the front panel for easy access

Max. flow rate / max. pressure:
FL_00: 15 L/min, 350 mbar pressure
FL_01: 23 L/min, 1000 mbar pressure
FL_03: 40 L/min, 500 to 3000 mbar pressure
FL_06: 60 L/min, 500 to 6000 mbar pressure

Certifications: IP protection class according to IEC529; IP 21

Delivery information: Supplied with two barbed fittings for 8 and 12 mm internal bore tubing. Water, water-glycol mixture and Julabo Thermal bath fluid are recommended for these units. Please note units FL4003, FL4006, FLW4003, FLW4006, FL7006, FL11006, FL20006, FLW7006, FLW11006 and FLW20006 require a three-phase power supply.

Caution: Note: Cooling capacity at 20;  0; −10 °C
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