Chloride analyser, Model 926

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Chloride analyser, Model 926
Electrochemical Meters Chloride Meters
Measurements of salt concentration (sodium chloride) are required throughout the food industry (dairy products, frozen goods, salted meats, beverages, etc) as well as in clinical situations.

  • Ergonomic design, easy to use and maintain
  • Measures chloride and salt contents quickly and accurately
  • The sensitivity of the coulometric technique enables it to register readings in ppm

Model 926 is the ideal instrument for testing desalination systems or monitoring the quality of products that are prepared automatically. Model 926S is intended for chloride measurements in biological samples and is calibrated in mmol/l. It is of particular use in the final confirmation of cystic fibrosis by the analysis of sweat samples.

Analytical methods and applications also exist for the pharmaceuticals industry, cement manufacturing and also photographic and veterinary products. Please contact your local Avantor sales office for more information.

Ordering information: Supplied complete with 3× silver anodes, 3× silver electrodes, 2×14 ml graduated beakers, stirrer, 25 g of electrode polishing compound, 100 ml of 200 mg/l chloride solution and 500 ml of buffer solution. The software (compatible with Windows XP or later) needs to be ordered separately.
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