Watch glasses

Supplier: Bohemia Cristal (Kavalierglass)
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216-1180EA 5.5 GBP
VTRB634952430950 VTRB634952430840 216-1180 VTRB634952430910 216-1181 216-1174 216-1182 216-1171 VTRB634952430780 VTRB634952430790 216-1172 VTRB634952430010 VTRB634952430120 216-1177 VTRB634952430110 216-1178 216-1175 VTRB634952430860 216-1176 216-1179 VTRB634952430080 VTRB634952430070 VTRB634952430060
Watch glasses
Watch Glasses
Soda-lime glass.

  • Good chemical and physical properties
  • Use in applications that do not involve high thermal stresses
  • Quick and easy to clean

With fused edges.

Certifications: DIN 12341
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