Melting point determination tubes

Supplier: Hirschmann Laborgeräte
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HIRS9211070EA 120 GBP
HIRS9211070 612-2811 HIRS9211390 HIRS9211370 HIRS9211512 HIRS9212375 HIRS9211315 HIRS9211775 HIRS9212315 HIRS9211570 HIRS9211515 HIRS9212370 HIRS9211770 HIRS9211075 612-2812 HIRS9212312 HIRS9211360 HIRS9211080 HIRS9211590 HIRS9211575 HIRS9211015 HIRS9211012 HIRS9211312 HIRS9211715 HIRS9211780 HIRS9211712 HIRS9211790 621-1200 621-1201 HIRS9212310 HIRS9212390 612-2810 HIRS9212380 HIRS9211710 HIRS9211375 621-0051
Melting point determination tubes
Tubes Melting Point Tubes and Capillaries
Clear glass, one end closed.
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