Tissue grinders, conical

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Tissue grinders, conical
Homogenisers Tissue Grinders
Mortar in borosilicate glass, PTFE pestle with stainless steel rod. Handheld homogeniser with conical surface, which allows initial size reduction, followed by passage through the cylindrical section for the final homogenisation step. Grinding efficiency is improved and less time is required as compared to the Tenbroeck and Potter-Elvehjem designs. Recommeded for soft tissues such as brain.

  • Clearance between pestle and tube is 0.1 to 0.15 mm

The stainless steel rod Ø 6,3 mm is long enough to fit into the chuck of overhead stirrers.

Certifications: Wheaton 33 low extractable borosilicate glass (meets ASTM Type I Class A and USP Type I standards).
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