Laboratory bottles, narrow neck, with thread, DURAN® PROTECT

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215-3813EA 335 GBP
215-3813 SCOT218053606_R 215-6115 215-2439 215-1554 SCOT218059103 215-3810 215-1559 215-1555 SCOT218055159 215-2438 215-3809 215-2437 215-1558 SCOT218052453 215-1556 215-3901 SCOT218058604 SCOT218058801 215-3811 215-3216 SCOT218056952 215-6116 215-1557 215-3812
Laboratory bottles, narrow neck, with thread, DURAN® PROTECT
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DURAN® PROTECT coated borosilicate glass 3.3, clear, with or without screw cap.

  • Very good chemical resistance and good heat resistance (max. thermal load +135 °C), constant loads longer than 30 mins should be avoided
  • Minimal thermal expansion, giving relatively high resistance to temperature changes
  • Compressive strength is not increased by the plastic coating
  • Glass Type I according to USP, EP and JP

Round, with graduation and DIN thread. Without pouring ring or screw cap. The coating provides protection against mechanical damage (scratches, etc) and serves as spill and spray protection in case of breakage. It also prevents pieces of glass from shattering.

With printed Retrace Code (batch identification).

*With specially shaped glass rim for improved pouring; no additional pouring ring is needed.

**Ring-shaped reinforcement on the bottle shoulder makes the filling line of the nominal volume visible.

Certifications: ISO 4796-1
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