Spectrophotometric colorimeters, PFXi 880 series, Lovibond®

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Lovibond® PFXi 880 Series
633-0231EA 9050 GBP
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Spectrophotometric colorimeters, PFXi 880 series, Lovibond®
Colorimeters Automatic Transmitance Colorimeters
A series of automatic spectrophotometric colorimeters for objective colour analysis of edible oils, chemicals, petrochemicals, fuels and other transparent products. The PFXi 880 instruments are rugged colorimeters with fabricated steel housings, which function equally well as QC instruments within the laboratory or on 24-hour operation in a production environment. The accuracy and repeatability of the colour data provided by these colorimeters ensures consistency in colour measurement, giving processors the confidence needed to make important decisions regarding raw materials and refining operations.

  • RCMSi provides confidence of calibration and reduces on site servicing and maintenance
  • Removes subjectivity of measurement
  • Robust instrument for in process and final analysis tasks
  • Easy to use
  • Large, removable sample chamber for easy cleaning

An integrated heater unit is available as an option for melting solid samples such as fats and waxes preventing them from solidifying in the cell. Each instrument features a long sample chamber for cells up to 153 mm (6”) path length, ensuring precise colour measurement even with unsaturated samples such as solvents and white oils.

The RCMSi (Remote Calibration and Maintenance Service via internet) feature allows a calibrated measurement to be taken using an ISO17025 certified liquid standard. The spectral response is transmitted to The Tintometer Ltd’s secure calibration server. On completion of this procedure, a traceable calibration certificate is e-mailed to the user. A set of standards is included with each meter to allow one RCMSi check at no cost. Subsequent RCMSi checks would be chargeable.

The PFXi 880/CIE colorimeter – a basic instrument without special colour scales – has broad application use for measurement of CIE values.
The PFXi 880/L colorimeter expresses colour in terms of Lovibond® units, a traditional colour scale that is widely used for edible oils and chemicals.
The PFXi 880/AT colorimeter gives colour data according to the AOCS Tintometer® scale, a modified red and yellow version of the Lovibond® scale.
The PFXi 880/S automatically measures ICUMSA Colour at 420, 560 or 720 nm and at a known Brix value; it also expresses colour in terms of the Red, Yellow, Blue and Neutral units that make up the Lovibond RYBN Colour scale.
The PFXi 880/P Petrochemical colorimeter is designed to conform to the requirements of ASTM D 6045, which covers the automatic determination of both Saybolt and ASTM Colour of a wide range of petroleum products.
The PFXi 880/IP 17 gives data for IP 17 method A and B (Lovibond RYBN and IP units).

On each instrument results can also be displayed in terms of CIE values and spectral data.

Key • included as standard  + available as part of an optional upgrade kit

Delivery information: Supplied with Lovibond® optical glass cells of the relevant path lengths for each scales included, a service pack, RCMSi standards, spare lamp and instructions.
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