Smart Gasket® Sanitary Clamps, Stainless Steel

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MFLX30544-11EA 281.37 GBP
MFLX30544-11 MFLX30545-15 MFLX30544-15 MFLX30542-03 MFLX30543-15 MFLX30543-03 MFLX30542-11 MFLX30543-11 MFLX30542-19 MFLX30542-07 MFLX30543-19 MFLX30543-07 MFLA30542-15 MFLX30544-07 MFLX30545-19 MFLX30544-19
Smart Gasket® Sanitary Clamps, Stainless Steel
Seals Sealing Rings
Create a secure connection with your Smart Gasket® sanitary gaskets.

  • Constructed of durable stainless steel (SS)

The Smart Gasket clamps are required with the gaskets because they have slots in them that allow for the different number of poarts. The clamps are specific to the number of ports on the gasket.
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