Redox (ORP) Standards

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Redox (ORP) Standards
Standards Redox/ORP Standards
Avantor offers a wide range of REDOX (ORP) standards, which are produced from high quality reagents.These reference materials can be used as control standards to check the functionality of both the elextrodes and the measuring instruments. The values are temperature dependent, so it is important to control the environment of the measurement. A table of temperatue and corresponding Redox value is available on both the label and the batch specific certificate.

  • Accuracy ±5 mV
  • Quoted values tested at 25 °C
  • Temperature vs Redox value as a table on the bottle label
  • Stability excellent throughout shelf life

ORP standards where all values quoted are potentials of platinum electrode v Ag/AgCl reference electrode (3M KCl)
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