Multi-use data loggers, tempmate.® M2

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Multi-use data loggers, tempmate.® M2
Data Loggers
Full control over the condition of your goods.

  • The current values can be called up at any time via the generous display
  • Can be reconfigured at any time via the integrated HTML configurator
  • Automatic PDF and CSV generation ensures easy workflow
  • No additional software required
  • External sensors can reliably record even extremely high or low temperatures
  • Simple replacement of the battery allows countless uses
  • Additional wall amount allows the unit to be used as a mobile or stationary unit

Multi-use data logger for monitor temperature or temperature and relative humidity, even in extreme temperature ranges. With the tempmate.®-M2, you have the choice between a high precision temperature sensor, or an additional sensor for rel. humidity. In addition, in order to extend the measuring range of tempmate.®-M2 up to −80 and +200 °C, you have the option of choosing between three different external sensors.

The tempmate.®-M2 offers you many possibilities to quickly detect if your goods have been exposed to wrong environmental and physical influences. By setting up to 6 alarm limit values adapted to your goods, you can detect risks in time. Two LEDs provide immediate information about the condition of your goods and the integrated LCD shows you detailed information about the current conditions.

The exchangeable battery makes the tempmate.®-M2 a permanent companion when it comes to monitoring your goods. By simply turning the cap on the back of the device, the standard CR2450 button cell battery of the tempmate.®-M2 can be easily replaced with a new one. This is not only good for the environment, it is also good for your finances, as frequent replacements are no longer a problem for you.

Certifications: According to EN 12830, CE, RoHS.

Accessories information: With the three external sensors (sold separately) you have the possibility to extend the measuring ranges and application areas of your tempmate.®-M2. Thanks to the special holder, this device can be used in both stationary and mobile applications.
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