VWR®, Pre-weighed dehydrated culture media in sachets

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VWR®, Pre-weighed dehydrated culture media in sachets
Media for Microbiology Dehydrated Media for Microbiology
Dehydrated culture media in small sachets ready to make up exactly 500 ml of medium.

  • Quick: Simply open the sachet and you have the right quantity of powder to prepare 500 ml of medium
  • Safe: No more need to transfer and weigh powder
  • Always fresh media for best quality: All the dehydrated media inside the sachet is always used immediately after opening the packaging
  • Space saving: You can have tens of dehydrated media stored in a very small space inside your laboratory
  • Saving money: You buy only the quantity of dehydrated media that you really need

Every pack contains 5 sachets each of which allows to prepare 500 ml of medium.

Ordering information: About 140 different culture media available.
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