Embedding medium, PolyFreeze, Sigma-Aldrich®

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Embedding medium, PolyFreeze, Sigma-Aldrich®
Stains Microscopy and staining reagents
PolyFreeze is a water-soluble support matrix and a form of embedding medium for frozen sectioning. PolyFreeze sections flawlessly at routine frozen specimen thickness of 5-6 μ and leaves no slide residue. It provides for -20 ºC cryostat sectioning in rapid set embedment. This medium freezes quickly supporting the tissue for sectioning at 3 mm and up with no cracking of the matrix at temperatures from -8 °C to -25 °C.

  • Embedding medium for frozen sectioning of plant and animal samples.
  • Sections flawlessly at routine frozen specimen thickness of 5 - 6 μ
  • Leaves no slide residue
  • Provides for –20 ºC cryostat sectioning in rapid set embedment

Snap freeze using PolyFreeze with isopentane and liquid nitrogen, or dry ice (slush/slurry or bunker). Store specimens frozen in PolyFreeze in liquid nitrogen canisters or in airtight containers in a -80 °C freezer. PolyFreeze does not cause autofluorescence and can easily be washed away during fixation and rinsed prior to staining. Once rinsed, there is no trace of the support matrix to interfere with staining or immunohistochemistry (IHC) reactions.
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