Extracta Plus RNA kits

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Extracta Plus RNA kits
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Rapid extraction and purification of high-quality total RNA from cultured cells or tissue.

  • Rapid protocol – from cells or tissue samples to high-quality total RNA in just 25 minutes
  • Streamlined gDNA removal – novel DNA removal column eliminates gDNA contamination and need for DNase treatment
  • Extraction of low input quantities – ability to extract RNA from as little as 10 cells
  • Downstream compatibility – ideal for applications such as RT-qPCR and next generation sequencing

The Extracta Plus RNA kit provides rapid extraction and purification of total RNA from cultured human or animal cells and from tissue samples. The Extracta Plus spin column workflow enables simultaneous processing of multiple samples in 25 mins to yield purified total RNA suitable for a range of downstream applications. The kit includes specially designed Extracta Plus DNA removal columns for effective removal of genomic DNA contamination, providing a convenient solution for applications that are sensitive to low amounts of DNA contamination such as RT-qPCR and NGS.

The efficient, reproducible extraction process allows total RNA extraction from as little as ten cells input quantity.

The Extracta DNA removal column achieves effective gDNA removal without a separate DNase treatment. Quantification of residual gDNA by qPCR demonstrates negligible gDNA within the total RNA extracted from cultured cells or tissues.

Successful extraction of intact high molecular weight RNA was demonstrated by RT-PCR of long targets, ideal for cloning or long range sequencing applications.
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