Rotary evaporator, Rotavapor® R-3

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Rotary evaporator, Rotavapor® R-3
Evaporators Rotary Evaporators
Specially intended for classic, fundamental laboratory applications required by educational institutes for both research and teaching.

  • Manual lift with vertical glassware
  • Clip prevents loosening of the flask during the rotation
  • Easy dismantling of the vapour duct means easy maintenance and cleaning of the sealing system with no risk of glass breakage
  • Adjustable angle of the rotary drive motor to support different flask sizes and the assembly of anti-bump traps
  • The accuracy of the original production process of the vapour duct improves the lifetime of the vacuum seal

Heating and reaching the set temperature is indicated by an LED. Its small volume ensures that heat-up times are very quick. The bath with the ergonomic handles can be easily adjusted and support flask sizes up to 4 L volumes. Simple temperature adjustment and the seven segment digits make this bath very easy to operate. The high alloy steel pan is easy to clean.

Delivery information: Rotavapor® R-3 with vertical glassware, heating bath, evaporating flask and 1 L receiving flask.

Caution: * With transparent plastic coating
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