UV-Vis certified calibration standards

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HEWLG6874-80000EA 3250 GBP
HEWLG6874-80000 VARI9910081100 HEWL190032100 VARI9910084300 HEWLG6860-80001 VARI9910085200 HEWLG6860-80002 VARI190034200
UV-Vis certified calibration standards
Standards Colour Reference and Spectroscopy Standards
These UV-Visible calibration standards and kits provide an inexpensive and time-saving solution for calibrating and qualifying UV-Vis instrumentation.

  • Chemical kits can be used with any UV-Vis system and consist of pre-prepraed solutions in sealed ampoules
  • Solutions are specified by United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and European Pharmacopeia (EP)

Agilent chemical standards and accessory kits provide an inexpensive and time-saving solution for OQ/PV. The kits are designed for analysts who need to conform closely to both quality and regulatory requirements when performing UV-visible measurements. Solutions include holmium oxide for wavelength accuracy measurement; potassium dichromate for photometric accuracy measurement; sodium nitrite, sodium iodide and potassium chloride for stray light measurements at 340, 220 and 200 nm; and toluene in hexane for resolution measurement.

Delivery information: Each standard includes a Certificate of Analysis for traceability.
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