Genomic DNA isolation

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Genomic DNA isolation
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The RecoverEase DNA isolation kit recovers high-molecular-weight (100 to 500 kb) genomic DNA that is fully hydrated and ready for multiple applications the next day. DNA can be isolated from whole tissues such as liver, spleen, kidney, brain and testes without hazardous and tedious organic extractions or ethanol precipitations. The RecoverEase DNA isolation kit quickly isolates high-molecular-weight genomic DNA from a variety of tissues without organic solvent extractions or ethanol precipitation.

  • High-molecular-weight genomic DNA from whole tissue
  • Ideal for DNA isolation for transgenic mutation assays
  • No organic extractions or ethanol precipitations
  • DNA ready to use in one day
  • Recovery of transgenic shuttle vectors from Big Blue and other transgenic mice
  • Simple, Non-Toxic Methods Deliver Pure Genomic DNA

The DNA Extraction Kit is a scalable non-toxic method to:
Rapidly and reliably isolate high-molecular-weight genomic DNA from various sources and whole blood.
Obtain PCR-ready genomic DNA from whole blood samples as large as 5 ml or as small as 1 μl.
Separate the proteins with a 'salting out procedure', followed by an ethanol precipitation of the DNA and resuspension in your buffer of choice.
The DNA Extraction Kit Isolates DNA from 35 blood samples at 10 ml/sample, 35 tissue culture pellets at 1× 10⁸ cells/pellet, or 30 solid tissue samples at 250 mg tissue/sample. Contains: Buffer solutions, RNase, and Pronase.
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