Surface ATP test swabs, Clean-Trace™

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Surface ATP test swabs, Clean-Trace™
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Real-time adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP) surface hygiene test which gives an objective indication of cleanliness in seconds.

  • Self contained surface test designed to ensure samples can be collected in hard-to-reach places which are often difficult to clean
  • Metal detectable and blue plastic handle for safe use in a food manufacturing environment
  • A 30-second self-contained sanitation test to assess the standard of food production surfaces

With its unique liquid stable enzyme, the test offers superior levels of repeatability. This aspect of its performance and its incredible simplicity means customers throughout the world have put 3M™ Clean-Trace™ products at the heart of their hygiene monitoring programs. Results measured in the 3M™ Clean-Trace™ Luminometer and provided in Relative Light units (RLU).
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