Glycerine 85% Ph. Eur.

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Synonyms: Glycerol1,2,3-Propanetriol

24384.290EA 120 GBP
24384.290 24384.460 24384.320 24384.550
Glycerine 85% Ph. Eur.
MW: 92.09 g/mol
MDL Number: MFCD00004722
CAS Number: 56-81-5

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Specification Test Results

Assay 83.5 - 88.5%
Appearance: Conforms
Identification B (IR) Passes Test
Solution S Passes Test
Appearance of Solution Passes Test
Acidity or Alkalinity Passes Test
Refractive index (20 °C) 1449 - 1455
Aldehydes Max. 10 ppm
Esters Passes Test
Impurity A and Related Substances Passes Test
Diethylene Glycol Max. 0.1%
Ethylene Glycol Max. 0.1%
Any Other Impurity (tR<Glycerol) Max. 0.1%
Individual Impurities Max. 0.1%
Total Impurities Max. 1.0%
Total of All Impurities (tR>Glycerol) Max. 0.5%
Disregard Limit Max. 0.05%
Halogenated Compounds Max. 30 ppm
Sugars Passes Test
Cl (Chloride) Max. 10 ppm
Heavy Metals (as Pb) Max. 5 ppm
Water 12.0 - 16.0%
Sulphated ash Max. 0.01%
Residual Solvents Passes Test
As (Arsenic) Max. 1 ppm
Cd (Cadmium) V (Vanadium)
Co (Cobalt) Max. 1 ppm
Hg (Mercury) Max. 1 ppm
Ni (Nickel) Max. 2 ppm
Pb (Lead) Max. 2 ppm
V (Vanadium) Max. 1 ppm
Conforms to Ph. Eur. Passes Test

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