Disinfectant spray, Contec® CyChlor

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Disinfectant spray, Contec® CyChlor
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Stabilised Hypochlorous acid with purified water. Contec CyChlor is a new broad spectrum disinfectant designed for every day use.

  • Broad spectrum efficacy in 3 mins saves time spent on biodecontamination
  • Filtered to 0,2 μm and filled in a Grade A environment ensuring the product is free from contamination and particulates
  • Contains no quaternary ammonium or surfactant so it's very low residue, saving time on residue removal
  • Trigger spray can be set to jet or spray - large droplet size reduces the risk of inhalation and provides good surface coverage
  • Not classed as corrosive and can be used safely in all areas of the cleanroom

No hazard classification so only basic PPE required and no special disposal is necessary.

Ordering information: A sterile version is available.

Delivery information: Supplied as a 1L trigger spray or 1L capped container, or 5L capped containers for when larger volumes are required.

Packaging: Double bagged packed in linear tear packaging to aid the transfer of the product into a pharmaceutical cleanroom and also easy to open even when wearing gloves.

Caution: Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.
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