Chiral column test mix (9 components)

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REST35098EA 82.3 GBP
Chiral column test mix (9 components)
Standards Chromatography Standards
The mix consists of (C10:0) Methyl decanoate (210 μg/ml), (C11:0) methyl undecanoate (210 μg/ml), (C12) n-dodecane 150 μg/ml, (C12:0) methyl dodecanoate (210 μg/ml), 2,3-butanediol (+/-) (500 μg/ml), 1-heptanol (180 μg/ml), 3-methylphenol (m-cresol) (160 μg/ml), 1-phenylethanol (+/-) (500 μg/ml) and α-pinene (+/-) (500 μg/ml).

Certifications: Certified reference materials (CRMs) manufactured and QC-tested in ISO-accredited labs satisfy your ISO requirements.
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