Ammonia solution 10%, AnalaR NORMAPUR®

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Synonyms: Ammonium hydroxide

190063UEA 136 GBP
190063U VWRC190065W 190064V
Ammonia solution 10%, AnalaR NORMAPUR®
Ammonia solution
Formula: NH₃
MW: 35.05 g/mol
Density: 0.957 g/cm³ (20 °C)
Storage Temperature: Ambient
MDL Number: MFCD00066650
CAS Number: 1336-21-6
EINECS: 215-647-6
UN: 2672

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Specification Test Results

Assay Min. 10.0 %
Appearance Clear colourless liquid
Cl (Chloride) Max. 0.5 ppm
PO₄ (Phosphate) Max. 0.1 ppm
S (Sulphide) Max. 0.1 ppm
SO₄ (Sulphate) Max. 0.1 ppm
Fe (Iron) Max. 0.1 ppm
K (Potassium) Max. 1 ppm
Mg (Magnesium) Max. 0.5 ppm
Mn (Manganese) Max. 0.1 ppm
Na (Sodium) Max. 1 ppm
Ni (Nickel) Max. 0.05 ppm
Pb (Lead) Max. 0.05 ppm
Zn (Zinc) Max. 0.2 ppm

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