Standards for LC performance, test mix, CRM

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REST31699EA 85.1 GBP
Standards for LC performance, test mix, CRM
Standards Chromatography Standards
Highly effective for characterising LC column parameters and tested against the NIST 870 standard.

  • Mixture of 5 components in methanol
  • Simple, easy, reliable approach to quality control (QC) evaluations or column classification
  • Monitor column performance over time

The test mix contains: amitriptyline hydrochloride (549-18-8) 2,800 µg/ml; ethylbenzene (100-41-4) 1,700 µg/ml; quinizarin (81-64-1) 94 µg/ml; toluene (108-88-3) 1,400 µg/ml; uracil (66-22-8) 28 µg/ml.

Certifications: Meets CRM, ISO requirements.
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