Bottles, narrow neck, coated, with screw cap

Supplier: Bohemia Cristal (Kavalierglass)
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KAVA61632414345100EA 905 GBP
KAVA61632414345100 KAVA61.63241432125 KAVA61.63241434525 KAVA61.63241434595 KAVA612414345950 KAVA61.63241432150 KAVA61.63241432194 KAVA61.63241432110 KAVA612414345966 KAVA61.63241434594 KAVA61.63241434550 KAVA612414321968 KAVA612414345968 KAVA612414321966
Bottles, narrow neck, coated, with screw cap
Bottles Glass Bottles
These bottles are made of borosilicate glass 3.3, plastic coated, with screw cap.

  • Clear plastic coated to protect against mechanical breakage
  • Reduces the hazard of flying glass and liquid splashes in the event of breakage
  • Coating withstands steam sterilisation up to 135 °C
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