HPLC columns, Avantor® ACE® HILIC method development kits, microbore

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MDKH-5-05005EA 579 GBP
MDKH-5-05005 MDKH-3-10005 MDKH-5-12005 MDKH-5-12005S MDKH-5-15005 MDKH-3-1501 MDKH-3-10005S MDKH-5-10005S MDKH-5-75005 MDKH-5-05005S MDKH-3-03005S MDKH-5-75005S MDKH-3-05005 MDKH-3-12005S MDKH-3-75005 MDKH-3-15005 MDKH-3-05005S MDKH-3-03005 MDKH-5-10005 MDKH-3-15005S MDKH-5-15005S MDKH-3-1001 MDKH-3-75005S MDKH-3-0501 MDKH-3-12005 MDKH-5-03005 MDKH-5-25005 MDKH-5-25005S MDKH-5-03005S
HPLC columns, Avantor® ACE® HILIC method development kits, microbore
Chromatography Columns
Avantor® ACE® HILIC method development kits offer all three ACE® proprietary HILIC phases (HILIC-A, HILIC-B and HILIC-N) in one kit. These phases offer alternative HILIC selectivity to each other, and have been developed to enable chromatographers to achieve reproducible and successful HILIC separations using a systematic approach to method development.

  • Ideal for the separation and retention of polar analytes
  • Compatible with all manufacturers’ HPLC/UHPLC systems
  • A wide range of column lengths and internal diameters are available

Ordering information: A HILIC method development technical guide and A2 wall chart are available on request that illustrates a tried and tested approach to HILIC method development.
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