Connectors, tubing, stainless steel, GL 45, DURAN®

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Connectors, tubing, stainless steel, GL 45, DURAN®
Connectors Connectors, Tubing
Tubing connection system with two or three top connectors are designed to be used with all sizes of DURAN® GL 45 laboratory and media bottles. These connectors are slightly splayed to facility easier attachment of the tubing.

  • Robust and durable
  • Assembled with three barbed, male hose connectors on both the top and bottom
  • Freely rotating stainless steel centre allows the bottle to be unscrewed without the need to disconnect the tubing
  • Hygienic, electropolished surface for efficient cleaning and sterilisation
  • A liquid tight seal is provided by a silicone gasket and the red PBT GL 45 screw cap
  • Temperature range: up to 180 °C
  • Suitable for flexible tubes with 8 mm I. D.

It is mainly applicable for transferring sterile liquids between containers, liquid sampling into bottles from larger containers, reservoir cap for supplying laboratory instruments and port assemblies for spinner flasks and cell culture vessels.

Delivery information: Connector complete with screw cap and seal.
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