Test sieve shakers, EML digital plus

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510-0960EA 6580 GBP
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Test sieve shakers, EML digital plus
Shakers Sieve Shakers
These electromagnetically-driven test sieve shakers are designed for sieve analysis with optimum three-dimensional sieving action. The self-re-adjusting amplitude, which uses permanent acceleration measurement of the whole sieve tower, balances the oscillation of the shaker and its stand. This guarantees that amplitude stays the same, irrespective of the feed quantity and the installation position.

  • Memory for 10 test sieve parameter sets
  • Timer function: 0 to 99 minutes or continuous operation
  • Intermittent or continuous shaking operation
  • Digital display of all functions
  • 3000 impulses per minute (50 Hz)
  • Sound emission: 70 dB(A) for EML 315 digital plus, EML 450 digital plus: 73 dB(A)
  • Maximum loading: 21 kg for EML 315 (6 kg sieved material), 42 kg for EML 450 (15 kg sieved material)

EML 315 and 450 models are for dry and wet sieving and have a separate control device.

Optional HAVER 'TwinNut' the quick-release clamping system:

'TwinNut' clamps for easy fixing and removal of the cover are an alternative to standard 'Classic' knurled nuts. The guide rods of the 'Classic' system can also be used for the HAVER 'TwinNut' system.

Delivery information: Included with each shaker: Models with either 'Classic' clamping system or 'TwinNut' system are supplied with two guide rods (660 mm for EML 200 and EML 315; 850 or 1000 mm for EML 450) and two knurled nuts with handlebars, cover with inspection glass and water spray diffuser for wet sieving models. Sieves and collecting pan must be ordered separately. IQ/OQ documentation on request.
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