Certified calibration standard kits for spectrophotometer, OQ/PV

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
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HEWL5063-6521EA 197 GBP
HEWL5063-6521 HEWL5063-6503
Certified calibration standard kits for spectrophotometer, OQ/PV
Standards Colour Reference and Spectroscopy Standards
The chemical kits can be used with any UV-Vis system and consist of pre-prepraed solutions in sealed ampoules.

  • Each standard includes a Certificate of Analysis for traceability
  • Solutions are specified by United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and European Pharmacopeia (EP)
  • Designed to conform both quality and regulatory requirements when performing UV-visible measurements

Solutions include holmium oxide for wavelength accuracy measurement. Potassium dichromate for photometric accuracy measurement. Sodium nitrite, sodium iodide and potassium chloride for stray light measurements at 340, 220 and 200 nm; and toluene in hexane for resolution measurement.
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