Ergonomic laboratory chairs and stools

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Ergonomic laboratory chairs and stools
Nobody has a perfectly symmetric morphology. This is why a majority of people have back problems, sometimes with a feeling of heavy legs. The answer to this problem lies in the main features of this seat. Above all, a good working position is a dynamic posture that facilitates the bloodstream. The features of the seat help to re-balance the body naturally and improve blood flow in the legs. VWR® Ergonomic lab chairs and stools adapt automatically to the body and the movements of the user.

  • Automatically adapts to the user
  • Facilitates an upright posture
  • Minimises spinal stress
  • Seat height adjustment by gas lift
  • Black steel, 5-branch, scuff resistant reinforced base
  • Resistant against sparks, chemicals and weak acids

The innovative seat design consist of a short seat tilted forward, split into 2 parts, based on blue silent-blocks.
The PU foam seat has a thickness of 40 mm and great deformation capacity which provides better distribution of pressure when moving.
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