VWR® VisiScope® IT415 PH, Inverted Microscope

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VWR® VisiScope® IT415 PH, Inverted Microscope
This brightfield, phase contrast microscope is the ideal solution for fast and reliable routine inspections, especially in in vivo cell culture applications.

  • High-efficiency LED illumination with brightness control: Ideal for all transmitted light observations
  • Condenser can be removed to extend the working distance up to 150 mm
  • Fixed specimen stage for fatigue-free operation
  • Two-stage insert (glass and metal) with hole for small dimension specimens
  • Plan achromatic LWD objectives (IOS) with anti-fungus treatment

Innovative design, interchangeable holders for specimen slides, Petri dishes and flasks.

Ordering information: A cleaning and maintenance set is available on request.

Delivery information: Supplied ready to use with eyepieces, objectives, dust cover, green filters (IF550) and multi-plug power supply.
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