VWR®, Carboys, Narrow Neck, Round, with Stopcock and Screw Cap

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VWR®, Carboys, Narrow Neck, Round, with Stopcock and Screw Cap
Bottles Carboys
LDPE/HDPE or PP, translucent with purple screw caps. Use for storing and dispensing solutions and media. Round carboys feature an integrated shoulder handle. Graduated to identify the volume dispensed.

LDPE carboys
Ideal for high-purity applications as they have high resistance to chemicals (e.g. widely used in ophthalmic product range, like eye droppers and nasal sprays)
Ideal resin for cold storage (down to −80 °C), working temperature −80 to +80 °C
Resistant to physical impact (will not break even if it falls down accidentally, whereas PP carboys may lead to cracking at negative temperatures)
LDPE products will bounce back to their original form as LDPE is a highly flexible material
Widely used in pharma industries

HDPE carboys
High-density polyethylene (HDPE), disposable carboys are ideal for storing and transfer of sterile fluids and pharmaceutical/biotech reagents
Good for cold storage (down to −80 °C), working temperature −80 to +120 °C
High impact strength, even at negative temperatures
Widely used for long storage due to high chemical resistance
Widely used in food and milk industries

PP carboys
Ideal for sterile water storage, polypropylene (PP) carboys can be autoclaved before refilling to stop recurring bacterial growth
Excellent chemical resistance
Working temperature: 0 to 135 °C

Note: Polypropylene carboys are autoclavable. LDPE carboys are not autoclavable. Always remove the stopcock and cap from the carboy before autoclaving.

Certifications: Resin meets US FDA 21 CFR, USP Class VI.
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