Baths and Circulators, Polycarbonate, CORIO™ C-BT and CD-BT Series

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Baths and Circulators, Polycarbonate, CORIO™ C-BT and CD-BT Series
Circulating Thermostats Open Circulator Systems Baths with Detachable Circulators
The powerful and robust CORIO™ laboratory circulators provide the exact temperature, absolute precision and a wide working temperature range. The CORIO™ C immersion circulator is the basic model, it is ideal for standard internal applications, the CORIO™ CD model is more advanced and can be used for temperature control of external applications if required. The jet nozzle allows continuous adjustment of the pump stream in the bath. The transparent polycarbonate baths are durable and enable the user to easily view items in the bath.

  • Precise temperature control
  • Bright, white, easy to read display
  • Very quiet and easy operation
  • CD version has a USB interface and pump can change between internal and external circulation via a lever located directly below the display
  • Ergonomic baths have a cleverly integrated drip-off design

Max. flow rate / max. pressure:
C: 6 L/min, 0,1 bar
CD: 15 L/min, 0,35 bar

Certifications: C models: Class I (NFL), CD models: Class III (FL) according to DIN 12876-1

Delivery information: Supplied with bath. CD models include 2 each of ⁸/₁₂ mm Ø barbed fittings. A wide range of optional accessories, such racks, bath lids, tubing and adapters are available.
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