Genomic DNA purification kit, Cyclo-Prep™

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Genomic DNA purification kit, Cyclo-Prep™
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Cyclo-Prep™ Genomic DNA Purification Kit efficiently isolates genomic DNA for PCR amplification, RFLP analysis, Southern blotting, DNA fiingerprinting and bacterial-genome sequencing using a table top microcentrifuge. This kit is fast and convenient, and yields highly purified DNA. All components are room temperature stable.

  • Spin column format
  • Safe alternative to phenol-based products
  • Isolate genomic DNA from animal tissue or bacterial cells
  • Purify genomic DNA in as little as 20 minutes

Delivery information: Kit includes Reagent 1, 10 ml; Reagent 2, 10 ml; Reagent 3, 50 ml; water, nuclease-free, 10 ml; spin columns, 50; collection tubes, 50; and plastic pestles, 50. Contains sufficient material for 50 isolations.
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